What ||Brand|| of fiberglass asphalt shingles should I choose?

Choose the colour and/or pattern you like. With all the years of roofing that we have done, and the literally countless shingles that we have nailed on, we have been unable to detect one shingle manufacturer to be superior to any other shingle manufacturer.

Should I change from cedar shakes to fiberglass laminates?


When should I consider re-roofing versus repairing my existing roof?


Should I consider going to cedar shakes?



What should I do about my attic?

When re-roofing, your attic might get quite dusty, so if you have anything stored in your attic, you might want to arrange to have it covered up.

What time in the morning does the work begin?

Weather permitting, we usually begin working at 8:00 A.M.

How long will it take?


Do I need to do anything else in preparation for the re-roofing?

TBA, Permits? Driveway access?


Should I clean and treat my roof every five years?

Treating a wood shake roof is a waste of time, money and in some cases, the treatment actually does damage to the roof, depending on how the treatment was applied, and depending on how the roof was cleaned. If it was cleaned with a power wash, you did more damage than good to the roof. Your best bet is to stop treating the roof. If you think the roof needs some repair, then ask some contractors to check it out. But make sure they are contractors who don’t do power washing and “treating.” The contractor will be able to tell you if any repairs are needed and how long you could expect the roof to last.

How do I prevent moss buildup on our roof?